Orange Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are charged with drinking and driving or with drug crimes in Orange, California, the consequences could be severe. You could face time in jail, hefty fines, loss of employment and a criminal record for life.

When you are up against these criminal charges, it is not the time to become your own lawyer. Especially now, you need the help of an experienced Orange County criminal defense law firm like the Law Office of Dennis P. O'Connell.

Tried More Than 300 Cases

Founded by attorney Dennis P. O'Connell in 1987, the law office focuses on defending drunk driving and drug crimes. In his more than three decades of professional experience, DUI lawyer Dennis P. O'Connell has tried more than 300 cases in both state and federal courts, establishing a significant record of success, including having many serious cases dismissed or clients found not guilty. In one such case, his client was found not guilty by reason of insanity, the first time in a quarter century an Orange County jury had rendered that verdict.

Mr. O'Connell brings great professional foresight to all his clients, preparing their cases so that they can be successfully appealed, should he need to do so. In one such case, the client was convicted of murder and sentenced to 84 years in prison. His case was reversed on appeal. Attorney O'Connell's ability to prepare cases for appeal and then to be successful on appeal is a unique ability, giving his clients an added advantage over most others facing criminal charges.

Criminal Charges? Talk To Orange Criminal Defense Attorney O'Connell.

If you are facing criminal charges in Orange, California, don't face them alone. Contact the Law Office of Dennis P. O'Connell today, either online or by calling 714-627-5818 for your free initial consultation.